The exciting atmosphere of Christmas has filled streets in Vietnam. Have you had any plans for this Christmas? Let us introduce you some restaurants in Vietnam that hold exclusive culinary and entertainment activities so that your Christmas Eve will be meaningful and memorable.
     In Ho Chi Minh City, to those who are young and active wishing to seek a place for entertainment on Christmas, JJ’S BRAZILIAN BBQ restaurant-bar should be a good recommendation.
     In order to provide patrons with a space of entertainment in the true sense rather than a pure culinary address, JJ’S BRAZILIAN BBQ will prepare a lavish buffet party in an original space of music for Christmas. This will promisingly bring you experiences of a meaningful Holy night.
     The Christmas party activities will start at 5 p.m on 24th December. Patrons visiting JJ’S BRAZILIAN BBQ on that day will be photographed when striding on the red carpet advancing on the restaurant. Then, you will enjoy the buffet party of Brazilian BBQ such as: shrimp, goat breast, pork ribs, lamb thigh…, and traditional dishes of Christmas: roasted turkey. Besides, the band from the Philippines named Yellow Bongo will drive you more excited with a wide range of songs from pop, jazz, and rock’ n roll, which are very popular in the 1970s, to traditional Christmas songs. JJ’S BRAZILIAN BBQ with a large space of bar will offer you a truly relaxing atmosphere of dancing, which lasts until 2 a.m.
     Moreover, JJ’S BRAZILIAN BBQ also secretly prepares souvenirs for all of attending patrons. Coming to JJ’S BRAZILIAN BBQ, you will not only enjoy exclusive cuisine but also have a good time and mix with the vibrant atmosphere of a well-prepared program.
     While JJ’S BRAZILIAN BBQ holds activities for active and modern youth, MY WAY restaurant – 60 Lý Thái Tổ st., Hoàn Kiếm dist., Hanoi will be a perfect choice for family and friend get-togethers to enjoy a cozy and luxurious Christmas Eve.
     MY WAY expresses a superior atmosphere of Christmas through the modern and impressive décor right at the entrance and details of interior space. Coming to MY WAY on Christmas, diners can have more choices of cuisine flavors. On the second floor, diners will be served with seafood buffet of Asian flavor with attractive dishes including My Way Japanese scallops and shrimp caviar soup, baked shrimp with cheese. To those who would like to select from Ala Carte menu, the third floor with Western theme offers dishes such as cutlets grilled salmon served with mashed potatoes and French fries, or Australian rib-eye served with potatoes, bread and 5 kinds of sauce (green pepper sauce, mushroom sauce, garlic sauce, red wine sauce, BBQ sauce)… should be a nice suggestion.
     Visiting MY WAY on Christmas, you also have an opportunity to enjoy vibrant Christmas songs by 5 members of Pilipino band that will make you addictive to their performance. The band will play many kinds of music requested by guests and sing with everyone at the place.
     On Christmas, kids coming to MY WAY will have surprising Christmas gifts by Santa Clause. Not only for kids, but also all patrons of MY WAY can pick complimentary gifts on the Christmas tree placed at the restaurant. Especially, My Way at 60 Ly Thai To also sells Christmas presents including high-quality imported beer boxes, precious bottles of wine… at a preferential price for only diners of MY WAY.
     Neither too luxurious nor located at a convenient site like JJ’S BRAZILIAN BBQ or MY WAY, CAU HỒ TÂY restaurant scores thanks to the space of beautiful nature, which is suitable for those who desire to enjoy a romantic and nature-communing Christmas.
     Cau Hồ Tây welcomes Christmas with the space of overwhelming colors, promotions, and discounts for patrons reserving on Christmas day.
     Considered an extremely beautiful corner of the suburb, CAU TÂY HỒ by the windy West Lake is always the choice of numerous diners around this season every year. Unlike MY WAY, CAU TÂY HỒ features the immensity and wilderness with the space of huts, tiles and bamboo wattles. With the natural beauty of rows of areca-nut, coconut, and other plants as well as the stone bridge over the channel and Christmas songs have made CAU TÂY HỒ become greatly attractive. On the night of 24th December, children coming to CAU TÂY HỒ will be given many toys by Santa Clause. The live band with melodies of Christmas songs will help diners enjoy the utmost memorable night with family, partners, colleagues, friends… Especially, in order to increase the customers’ pleasure, CAU TÂY HỒ also offers a big promotional program, 10% discount of reserved tables worth 500.000 VNĐ or more. Also, they offer 1 free drink for women and children.
     In the jubilant atmosphere of year-end days, let us enjoy really relaxing moments to prepare for new coming season. Mingle with the boisterous Christmas atmosphere at JJ’S BRAZILIAN BBQ, experience the luxury and enjoy preferential treatment with MY WAY, or sit together to make the most of year-end days’ pleasure at CAU HỒ TÂY, each site will leave you a great memory of a meaningful Noel.

279 Phạm Ngũ Lão st., Phạm Ngũ Lão ward,
dist.1, Hồ Chí Minh city
Tel: (+84 8) 3838 8833

60 Lý Thái Tổ st.,
Hoàn Kiếm dist., Hà Nội
Tel: (+84 4) 3936 5917

447A Lạc Long Quân st.,
Tây Hồ dist., Hà Nội
Tel: (+84 4) 3758 9886

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