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Featuring an unpretentious but elegant and lovely Japanese restaurant, Ro - Izakaya has the capacity of about 100 guests. Ro - Izakaya appeals to customers partly with tranquil, ventilated ambiance and fresh air, which reflects a heaven of peace inside crowded Hanoi. The bridge across the flowing stream with the sun rising from Fuji mountain is not just a sightseeing but a message of Ro - Izakaya to patrons: working hard to be better.

Coming here, diners will have a chance to enjoy home – land Japanese dishes, processed and designed by Japanese chefs. Especially, nutrition at Ro – Izakaya is of utmost importance, hence guests can come here for an active working day. However, nutritious dishes still have subtle and beautiful appearance, the striking mark of culinary art at the country of cherry blossom. Ro – Izakaya serves a wide range of dishes either to be enjoyed at sight or take away if not to mention the delicious Bento (box lunch) for officers. Besides, the outstanding drink at Ro – Izakaya must be coconut wine with carefully chosen tropical coconuts.

Every night of Wednesday and Sunday, Ro – Izakaya usually holds traditional music shows. Coming here; diners can relax, enjoy dinner in a holistic combination of sightseeing and music.



Address: No.9-11, lane 394 My Dinh, Tu Liem District, Hanoi city, vietnam

Telephone Number: (04)-3796-0263 - Fax: (04)-3796-0263


Opening Hours: 10:30~14:00/ 17:00-~3:00 (LO:22:00)

Days Closed: None

Average Price (per person): 100.000 ~ 300.000 (VND)

Credit Card: Visa card, Master card, JCB card

Available Languages: Vietnamese, English, Japanese

Capacity: 50~100

Parking: Free Parking

Delivery: Yes

View: 676