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First established in 2010 in Hanoi, Ailu Café has become popular through the capital for its new café style: cat café. Two years later, Ailu Café was officially opened in Saigon and has brought Saigonese teenagers – cat lovers – a truly impressive space so that they can frolic with naughty but lovely cats.

Ailu is the abbreviation of the word “Ailuros” – a God in ancient Egyptian myth in the appearance of a cat. Ailu Café is located on Nguyễn Trọng Tuyển street (Phú Nhuận dist.). The café has the design of 2 floors with the capacity of approximately 100 seats, one of which is for cats. Throughout the café, there are some wooden small “house” particularly designed for them. Each cat has his own name such as: Mít, Tít, Nhí Nhố, Thỏ… Ailu Café is opened not only for the satisfying of cat feeding of the young owner but also the adopting of abandoned cats. The number of cats is divided into two groups, which is in proportion of two “serving shifts”. According to the owner, she had to take good care and talk to them every day so that they become obedient and hospitable. And the open of Ailu Café is today’s achievement, which has brought patrons a truly interesting coffee space with lovely cats, which are imported from Persia, France, Russia…

Customers coming to Ailu Café all have a major purpose besides drinking, which is contemplating and taking care of cats. At Ailu Café, you can at ease play with them, hug them and even take some photos with them. However, you should obey the café’s rule: don’t snatch his tail, don’t feed him nor poke them while they are sleeping…

Saigon city is always active and busy with numerous new-born café. Ailu Café hopes to partly contribute to bring a new “gulf of wind” to Saigon in order for teenagers to have a place to enjoy their passion.

【anan vietnam】

Address: 284C Nguyen Trong Tuyen st., Ward 10. Phu Nhuan dist., HCMC, Vietnam

Telephone Number: 01699085388 - Fax:



Opening Hours: 9:00 - 22:00

Days Closed: None

Average Price (per person): 50.000 ~ 100.000 (VND)

Credit Card: Not applicable

Available Languages: Vietnamese, English

Capacity: 50~100

Parking: Free Parking

Delivery: No