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Bun (Rice Noodle); Wonton; Fried rice; Sweets
On the crowded Đinh Tiên Hoàng street (Bình Thạnh dist.) of Saigon, there is a nosh restaurant appealing to numerous patrons, especially young people since it was opened thanks to its delicious dishes and the quaint name “Thím 7 Rụng Răng” (Funny Toothless Woman).

The restaurant has a clean space and the capacity of approximately 40 – 50 seats. It was equipped with bamboo tables and chairs which are very simple and friendly. Apart from unique nosh food: HongKong dumpling; seafood Taki squid; surimi shrimp; cereal rolled fish;… the restaurant also serves sweet soups which are no less tasty and unique. Patrons can be secure about the food quality as the criterion of food safety is always given priority.

As mentioning sweet soups of Thím 7 Rụng Răng, “Singaporean bánh lọt sweet soup” is always preferred by patrons. With the combination of the ingredients including: bánh lọt, jackfruit and coconut milk, the sweet soup of Singaporean style will become tastier and appetizing to Vietnamese than ever. You will feel the flavor of jackfruit, the fat of coconut milk, which will provide you with a totally new culinary experience. Besides, you can also have a try with “Coco Jumbo fruit sweet soup” (the combination of fruit, agar, syrup, milk, pomegranate seed, heleocharis) or “I ♥ U sweet soup” (jelly, pomegranate seed, bánh lọt). Each kind will leave you a really special aftertaste. As mentioning savories, “five-color stir fried corn” is the dish you should have a try since it is not only beautiful but delicious and unique with the ingredients including: corn, corn, carrot, dried shrimp, green bean.

With the food quality which is incessantly improved and the friendly staff, especially the lovely and humerous owner, Thím 7 Rụng Răng will promisingly be a great dining place for all people…


Address: 107 Dinh Tien Hoang st., ward 3, Binh Thanh dist., HCMC., Vietnam

Telephone Number: (+84 8) 3517 6284 - Fax:


Opening Hours: 7:00 - khuya

Days Closed: None

Average Price (per person): ≦ 30.000 (VND)

Credit Card: Not applicable

Available Languages: Vietnamese

Capacity: ~50

Parking: Free Parking

Delivery: Yes

View: 2375