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Other Fusion; Northern European

At Khoi Thom, we offer a hybrid of Vietnamese and Mexican flavours. Using ingredients common to both cuisines, we bring the 2 together in harmony. Think Bo bit tet meets beef fajitas, heo xien meets Mexican spice, Tom nuong meets Tequila. A delightful transition from Vietnamese to Mexican with total respect for the Vietnamese palate. 

Many of our cocktails are Tequila based and feature fruit and syrups available both in Vietnam and Mexico. We also serve rum and Vodka based classics concocted by our outstanding mixologist.

Pretty Tequila girls, a novelty in Vietnam, come to your table to offer Tequila slammers - a great, fun way to consume Tequila with your friends - for 35.000 vnd a pop.

Open Al Fresco modern interior in a bright colourful palette inspired by renowned Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta. An experience not to be missed.

Address: 29 Ngo Thoi Nhiem st., Dist. 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Telephone Number: +84-8-39300233 - Fax:


Opening Hours: 10:00-22:30

Days Closed: None

Average Price (per person): 50.000 ~ 100.000 (VND)

Credit Card: Not applicable

Available Languages: Vietnamese, English

Capacity: 100~200

Parking: Paid Parking

Delivery: Yes

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