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NAGOMI Restaurant (Lê Thánh Tôn)
Japanese Cuisine
Japanese food (general); Seafood; Tempura ; Other Noodle Dishes; Nabe (Japanese Hot Pot); Sukiyaki; Shabu Shabu; Oden; BBQ. Steak; Yakitori / Kushiyaki / Kusiage (Skewers); Donburi; Soba; Udon; Sushi, Sashimi; Ramen (Japanese style Chinese noodle); Lunch box / Deli
Not using too many spices, not making the food too greasy, Japanese cuisine appeals to everyone thanks to the source of fresh ingredients and seafood. Japanese dishes are not only tasty but beautiful as well. At the center of Saigon, if you would like to discover and enjoy the complete flavor of Japanese cuisine, Nagomi restaurant should be a perfect choice.

Entering the restaurant, you will be amazed at a gentle and peaceful space as if you were in the country of cherry blossom. Wooden furniture and house, together with red lanterns and a long shelf of Japanese wine make the space become cozier.

Coming to Nagomi means changing your taste and enjoying relaxing minutes. The menu is quite copious with dishes such as: kinds of traditional sushi, rainbow sushi, tuna sushi,… Besides the name of the dish, in the menu, the restaurant owner also adds the history of its and the way to combine the sauce,…, which makes an impression on customers who would like to learn more about Japan.

Nagomi restaurant has also serves other 80 dishes for lunch menu at a reasonable price of 79,000 VND. Coming to Nagomi to enjoy Japanese cuisine in a space of Japanese style and the friendly staff will bring to you a complete feeling of the Japanese country and people.

【anan vietnam】

Address: 17/12 Le Thanh Ton st - Dist.1 - HCMC - Vietnam

Telephone Number: (08) 3822 1704 / (08) 3823 8756 - Fax: (08) 3822 1704



Opening Hours: 11:00 - 14:00 / 17:30 - 23:00

Days Closed: None

Average Price (per person): 100.000 ~ 300.000 (VND)

Credit Card: Visa card, Master card, Amex card, JCB card

Available Languages: Vietnamese, English, Japanese

Capacity: 50~100

Parking: Free Parking

Delivery: Yes

View: 2588