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Vietnamese Cuisine | Bar。Lounge
Vietnamese (Central)/ Hue cuisine; Vietnamese food (general); Other Rice Dishes; Pub
The DMZ Bar was established in 1994 to an increasing amount of tourists visiting Hue city at that time. There have been many suggestions and comments left by frequently visiting guests, as well local people and foreigners who work and live in Hue. Through these remarks and ideas the DMZ bar has adapted and become a must visit location. No matter the time of year, whether it is a hot summer day or cold winter night we have everything you could possibly desire.

DMZ loves you and celebrates times of joy with you and your loved ones. From the holy spirit and atmosphere of Christmas eve or the exciting fast past night of New Years eve. Local people as well as foreign tourists come together and share a great experience not only in these times of celebration but at any time of the year. Sharing a cold beer, a glass of warm wine, a game of billiards or leaving a memorable statement on our walls, are just a few of the great experiences one receives at the DMZ Bar.

Another great appeal for DMZ Bar is the authentic Western, Italian, and Vietnamese dishes. We offer a large variety of beers ranging from local, to imports from all over the world. For those who don’t want to drink alcohol but still want the flavor of a cocktail, then enjoy one of our mocktails, or any other soft drink. We also have an ice cream menu that will be a great treat for both kids and adults. Food service at the DMZ Bar starts at 7 am and goes until midnight every day.

The DMZ Bar has been increased in size now allowing up to 300 guests at one time to enjoy our great establishment. Aside from the free internet and pool games we also have a balcony with a beautiful sky garden ambiance on the second floor to give a nice dining atmosphere and view of the surrounding city.

Address: 60 Le Loi st., Hue city, Vietnam

Telephone Number: (054) 3 823 414 - 2 241 904 - Fax:


Opening Hours: 7:00 - 24:00

Days Closed: None

Average Price (per person): 100.000 ~ 300.000 (VND)

Credit Card: Not applicable

Available Languages: Vietnamese, English

Capacity: 100~200

Parking: Free Parking

Delivery: No

View: 1099