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The Only Vietnamese/Com Binh Dan

One of the popularity in Vietnamese Cuisine
You may find one anywhere in town

"Com Binh Dan" means "localized meal" or in another word "meal in economic price".

Usually, foods are displayed behind the aluminium and glass made show case, or they are warming up in a low mode of heat over the charcoal fire right at the entrance of the store. As a matter of fact, those foods are needed to be stewed in hours for the perfection in taste and tenderness before being served.

With rich varieties of dishes and soups together with a large serving of steamed rice,you could be more than satisfied in appetite !! Certainly you can pick up your own favorites amongst various choices, and perhaps no formal ordering is needed; just simply raise your voice for your favorites or point at the foods from the show case, then the hostess will bring them to you in a short while. Even though you may get feeling of oppression while you are dinning in a head full and tiny space, especially with strangers beside you; but somehow it would also make you feel pressure-less, formal-less as you are home.

In fact, depends on the area price will be differed, normally it will cost you around 10,000-20,000VND (approximately 1 USD or more) for 2-3 kinds of foods together with steam rice and soup. However, in some places extra rice and ice tea (local tea) will be charged, but some serve in complimentary with the inclusiness of dessert and banana. Also, take-out is available but no discount will be offered.

However, if you are visitor on this land, trying this “Com Binh Dan” can also help you in understanding a step more about the culinary culture of Vietnam.

BA GIA was named as its owner’s name called in usual, Mrs. GIA, and it has been specialized in her hometown, Hai Phong. In this store, 20 dishes will be prepared daily and they are all decided in the early morning before the buyer going to the market.

Staffs here are mostly related to Mrs. GIA, and also recipes are commercial secret and perhaps family imparted .

[How to Order/ How They Serve]
You can place your order even without knowing how to express in Vietnamese, as well as you can create your own “COMBO” by just simply pointing at your favorite dishes to the hostess, then you may want to go to get your seat and you will be served in shortly, your favorite COMBO together with steamed rice, homemade pickles (carrot, white raddish and cucumber etc.) which may perfectly increase your appetite and stimulate your palate and soup. Sometimes, there are choices of soup and you can prefer what you like.
Despite, most dishes are recommended to enjoy with fish sauce (Nuc Mum), but you can also ask for soya sauce (Nuc Tuong) as you might want.

Everyday at lunch time, you can find tons of people coming from different field taking their lunch breaks in “BA GIA”. Also, it will be so enjoyable to them even they are seated under the shade of a years old tree along the side walk off the street.
Sometimes, you may see Mrs. Gia sit and talk to the customers joyfully when the rush hours are gone.


Dậu Phụ Chiên
Deep-fried tofu. Similar to a Japanese "agedashidofu". Often eat with fish sauce or soya sauce.
Tôm Rang
Stirred-fried medium-sized prawns cooked until shell became crunchy. Usually, shell is edible in that way.
Tép Chiên
Stirred fried small shrimp (small fish) which can be enjoyed either as a main dish or a snack. Delicious and crunchy.
Mắm Ruộc Xào
Grounded pork boiled with lemon-glass, red chili and fish sauce. It will be even tasty together with cucumbers or simply over steamed rice.
Con Nhọng Rang
Deep fried insects called Nhong . Visually shocking, but it is a very popular.
Chả Giò
Vietnamese spring roll...with minced pork, egg, and other goodies inside. It is well seasoned and delicious!!!
Bò Lá Lốt
Minced pork & beef wrapped with an herb leaf called La Lot then getting grilled. Lots of flavour and the aroma of the La Lot leaf will stimulate your appetite!
Trứng Chiên
Omlette seasoned with fish sauce. Yum!! It’s on the menu everyday!
Cá Rô Chiên
Deep-fried fish which is delicious and crunchy! This is a good appetizer for beer.
Cá Bạc Má Chiên
Deep fried white fish. Well cleaned, not fishy at all. Enjoy with fish sauce.
Rạm Lá Lốt
Small crab cooked with finely chopped La Lot leaf, soy sauce and chili. Nicely spicy.
Cá Cờ Kho
Deep fried fish, poached with garlic, red chili, green onions, salt and pepper. Simple and tasty. Might be much tastier with fish sauce.
Thịt Heo Kho Tiêu
Pork simmered in soya sauce and pepper. The spiciness from the pepper goes well with steamed rice.
Thịt Heo Chiên
Deep-fried pork ribs, which is one of the daily items on the menu. Yummy!!! This is also good with soya sauce.
Măng Xào Cà Chua
Stirred Bamboo shoot and tomato. Perfectly garnished.
Thịt Kho Trứng
Deep-fried pork ribs, which is one of the daily items on the menu. Yummy!!! This is also good with soya sauce.
Cá Chép Kho Dừa Với
Cà Chua

Fish poached with pickled vegetable including the head of the fish which is cooked for 2-3 hours.The sweetness of tomato will help to increase your appetite.
Cá Sapa Kho Cà Chua
Fish boiled slowly with tomato and chili which is a bit like an Italian dish. Very tasty!
Canh Hến
Tomato, bamboo shoot, tamarind, mini clams and several kinds of herbs such as dill cooked in a soup broth extracted from pork bones.This dish is nicely sour from the tamarind and can be addictive!!
Dưa Bắp Cây
Thinly sliced marinated cabbage and carrot which is a Vietnamese version of Coleslaw. Usually eaten with fish sauce. This is excellent for stimulating your palate!

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